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BMW Dashboard Wrap 13






A Wheel Finesse dashboard wrap is basically a flocked dashboard just without the long completion times and the costly prices of today’s market. Just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean the finish isn’t as good. In fact its the same.

Wheel Finesse dashboard wraps are fitted to your current cars dashboard to give it that more professional look and feel! Match it up with your current Wheel Finesse wrap for a uniform look.

All dashboard wraps go over the top of existing dashboard & they are fitted to the OEM specification giving you the desired look of a flocked dashboard with 10/10 finish. Exactly like our wheel wraps! Tailored to fit.

Choose your material and colour stitching and let’s get your dashboard wrapped!

Wheel Finesse dashboard wraps go over the top of your existing dashboard without the hassle of removing the dashboard itself.

Minimal dismantling is required. This is why our dashboard wraps are a no brainer! Backed with a double sided sticky adhesive that will keep the dashboard from creasing and having any type of imperfection.

All dashboard wraps are UV resistant, so you can be sure that the materials will not fade in sunlight! Genuine & durable, materials are used with no expense spared.

If you have any further questions on our dashboard wraps or need any additional information please contact us at [email protected]

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