Here’s how to get the most out of your Wheel Finesse Wheel Wrap!

Our Cleaning Kits have been designed to clean all Materials. Wether you have Alcantara, Suede Or a type of Leather we have the kit to allow you to get the most out of your WF Wheel Wrap!

Always keep in mind that Alcantara & Suede need attention when it comes to care. Alcantara is less maintenance than Suede due to its man made background. Suede is a raw material meaning it’s a lot more delicate.

How To Clean Your Wheel Wrap

How To Clean Your Wheel Wrap

1. Spray an ample amount onto the Material you are cleaning. (5-6 Sprays)
2. Use the Brush in straight movements to agitate the dirt. Making sure you are being gentle.
3. Wipe clean with the Microfibre Cloth provided to remove the access residue.
4. Air dry for at least 20-30 Minutes.


Our Cleaner is a gentle cleaning solution that effectively cleans and conditions. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it is completely biodegradable and safe to use on all our Alcantara’s & Suedes no matter what colour.

It also cleans Leather, Canvas, Vinyl, Nylon, Cotton Mesh & More!

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