At Wheel Finesse we only use durable and high quality materials.

Here we will explain the differences in materials we use to suit all customers budgets. We pride ourselves in making sure we provide a quality product at a reasonable price.

Perforated Leather

Perforated Leather is a process of putting small holes in the leather, they are punched out.

Perforated Leather allows more airflow for better breathability helping stop clammy hands when holding your steering wheel.

It also provides a more luxurious feel & has a more tactile and a less slippery feel along with this it offers a clean, modern look. Like all types of leather, Perforated can be dyed to different colours.


Nappa Leather

Nappa Leather is a great material! Nappa Leather provides a fresh clean look to any steering wheel. Many car manufacturers use this for its clean fresh look. Its the smooth feel that makes people want it! Lesser grades of leather often are “corrected” to make the surface is smoother and more uniform. Like all types of Leather, Nappa can be dyed to different colours.

Carbon Vinyl

Carbon vinyl was made to make things possible and affordable for our customers, as it may not be Genuine it surely gives the customer that desired look! From Gloss to Matte carbon we can give you the finish you are looking for.

Carbon Vinyl comes in many colours. You’ll be able to see all Carbon colours available via our products page via our website.


Suede has both a luxurious feel and decorative appearance. Suede has a number of advantages over other types of leather and compared to other materials as well.

Its look and feel make it a highly-desired material. The feel gives it a unique place among materials. Since it is a product of hide, it is rather durable.

One of suede’s biggest advantages is also one of its biggest weaknesses. Since it is thin, it’s not as durable as other types of leather. It’s not a total weakling, of course, it just isn’t as tough. Providing you take care of the suede you will see it last a long time and you’ll have no issues! Like all types of leather, Suede can be dyed to different colours.

Italian Alcantara

Despite appearances, Alcantara isn’t suede. Alcantara is actually a synthetic textile that was developed in the 1970s by a Japanese chemist and manufactured by an Italian company called Alcantara.

Alcantara provides more grip than leather. It doesn’t get hot like leather or soggy like cloth will after several hours of having sweaty hands holding it.

It’s much more hard-wearing than suede, it’s easy to clean and just feels nice to the touch. It will wear down with heavy use if it is not cared for correctly. Alcantara is more expensive due to it being a very high quality material that is imported from Italy. Suede is its more affordable brother. We like to respect all customers budgets! Like many materials, Alcantara can be dyed to different colours.

How Carbon Vinyl Is Made

Gloss Carbon Leather is a microfibre leather with the carbon print, it is then polished to make it look like the real thing. 

Matte Carbon Leather is a microfibre leather with the carbon print, this time we add texture on the surface without the polishing procedure which gives it the Matte Carbon look.

If you have any further questions on the materials we use please get in touch!

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