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Renault 09


Wheel Finesse wheel wraps are the most easiest and efficient method of a re-trim! Not to mention the huge savings!

This method allows you to customise your steering wheel yourself! With the ease of using our customisation page you can be sure on what materials you want!

A steering wheel is something you see and hold every day when driving! It’s important that you are happy with the view and feel so that’s where we come in and get it looking more YOU!

Daily Driver, Show Car OR just fancying a change, we can do it for you!

We take pride in all covers we manufacture and will meet all customer’s requirements.

Be sure to click the material you want correctly. You’ll know when you have clicked the material as it will highlight with the wheel finesse logo, This way you can be sure you are customising your wheel wrap correctly!

If you have any questions with regards to the materials we use, or if you need any help/advice with customising your wheel wraps contact our support professionals, they will be happy to talk you through the best options and looks if you need some help! We are here to inspire your vision!

Uniform or mix it up!



– top & bottom section material
– left & right section material
– 12 o’clock marker
– stitching colour

Do not worry if the steering wheel is not identical to your actual wheel. We go by the photo you attach to your order. If there is any type of problem we will always contact you using the email bellow

[email protected]

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